“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
- Nelson Mandela
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Dear Colleagues,
We’ve been a bit quieter than usual while working on our lineup of events for Term 2 and 3, and on the new ZALC website (coming soon). Exciting times ahead!
Our Next Event: Brave Leadership - Reflections on Term 1
Thu 22 April -  4-5 pm
There’s no doubt that it’s been a tough term, but perhaps amidst the struggle we’ve discovered some gems. Has schooling in a pandemic forced any positive changes? What have we learned from the changes that flopped? Let’s amplify our perspectives by unpacking this together.
Term 2 events - Transformation for performance
Our theme for term 2 is “Transformation for performance” and will cover 2 inter-related threads:
  • How do schools become (constantly improving) learning organisations?
  • Why and how to build diverse, equitable and inclusive schools?
The series is a joint effort between team members from Infundo, Khuthaza and Diversity Dialogues and promises to be a truly transformative journey.
We’ll get you some more detail on these events asap, but for now you might like to diarize the following dates, for our usual 4-5 pm Thursday time-slot:
  • Thu 6 May - The Learning Organisation (With Infundo Consulting)
  • Thu 20 May - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Part 1
  • Thu 3 June - Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - Part 2
  • Thu 17 June - Sustained Transformation (Bringing it all together)
  • Thu 1 July - Brave Leadership - Term 2 Reflection
Bringing our Community closer together
Strong relationships are the life-blood of a community, and a powerful support for school leaders, who are often somewhat isolated in their role.
To this end, we are excited to leverage Facebook’s built in “mentorship” feature on our new ZALC Facebook Group. If you join the group, you’ll notice a “mentorship” tab:
From here you’ll be able to click “Become a mentor” and/or “Find a mentor”. Each 1-1 relationship will require a mutual "opt-in", following which the system will put you in touch via the chat, and send a gentle reminder every few weeks to check in. Exactly what these relationships look like (frequency, format, etc.) is completely up to you

Here’s to strong relationships and high-impact schools!
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